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Welcome back survivors, we've heard you guys were being baffled about the current situations and volume of events coming up back to back into the game, but why fear when we are here... after a couple of fridays we guys are back here again to explain you everything going into the game. So without more suspense let's get into the details. 

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Pic 1: Bloodwing City

1. Luck Royale :

* Star Gazer: 

An exclusive feminine bundle is available into the luck royale till 16th April. You guys can win this into the Diamond Royale only. Untill Garena won't make this available in the magic cube section as well. 

* MI4 Egg Hunter:

Coming up to Weapon Royale this time that have got an MI4. The skin is pretty dark and gives an Assasin like vibe when holding. You guys must give this a try. Available up to 26th April this assault rifle has ++range, +damage with -reload speed which I don't think is even a disadvantage to pamper. 

* Incubator:

Later on in the Incubator we have a beast i.e. Netherworld Guns consisting of 4 deadly M4A1 skins namely Infernal Netherworld, Shadow Netherworld, Glacier Netherworld and Venom Netherworld. To obtain one of them you must have required incubator tokens and blueprints as per their costs respectively. This is the second time Garena is providing an M4A1 in the incubator but still it totally worth. 

2. Fire Pass:

For April they have shown as the BLOODWING CITY theme into the game waiting area as well as into the Fire Pass. Those who obtain this as elite pass can have the following benefits exclusively-

- JEEP Bloodwing City,

- Bloodwing Hoodie,

- Bloodwing Lass Bundle(female),

- Bloodwing Slasher;

- Vampire Bat,

- Thompson Bloodwing City,

- Triple Kicks(emote),

- Bloodwing Surfboard,

- Bloodwing City Loot Box,

- Bloodwing Lad Bundle(Male).

Though that triple kick emote has become my personal favourite.

3. Events:

Pic 2: Dreki

* Dreki Top up:

Dreki the latest pet available in the game is available in our servers too. You can own this for a top up of 300 diamonds. Its skill is Dragon Glare i.e. Owner is able to spot 1 opponents when using medikits within a 10 meter range. Skill stays active up to 3 seconds which I think is enough to spot but still somewhere the skill is not that much useful while the pet is. Hence it is up to you whether you can use it switched skills or not. 

* Super Star:

Here the major attraction is Superstar surfboard, lootbox and gloowall. The very 1st spin is free and the cost goes on increasing subsequently. The grandprizes are added one by one into the spins and as you have won them they will be removed and sent directly to your collection. 

* Collaboration Weapons:

Pic 3: Collaboration Weapons

Garena Free Fire has done a collaboration with Attack on Titan the one of the most thrilling anime ever, and hence they have included 2 weapon skins-

1st Attack on Titan P90

2nd Attack on M1014

The procedure here is simple so as to roll the dice and win prizes and redeem your weapon skins. These spins costs you diamonds and the cost is 20 diamonds for single spin and 90 for five spins.

* Sakura blossom:

Pic 4: Sakura blossom

Sakura Blossom season mission includes collecting gold flower and then exchanging them with Tophat Bunny(backpack), weapon royale vouchers or scans. To collect you must have to complete certain missions. Each mission will give you one gold flower and the missions are-

- Play for 15 mins,

- Play 2 squad BR mode,

- Kill 5 enemies,

- Booyah for one time in CS mode. 

Also the Garena Freefire Tri Series has started from 9th April i.e. today. 18 teams will be competing to be the legend. These are divided into 3 groups and hence they will in twos alternatively. 

Alright guys that is all for now, hope you guys liked the article. Pls do let us know in the comment section below and share this with your friends who are epic players of Garena Freefire.  Also you guys can check out more of our article here


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