Professional experience in resume 2018

A resume is a brief summary of personal, educational and professional experiences that is used for job application.

In a job interview your resume tells a lot about you. Even more that you do. It is just like your first impression for the job. Hence you must a resume that is best of your knowledge, can show your best and also error free.

Usually a resume includes the sections as given below:

1. Contact information.

2. Professional resume summary.

3. Professional title.

4. Working experience.

5. Skills.

6. Education.

These are the most common as well as important things that a resume must have.

It is not that easy to write the best resume for you. For this you must have a brief knowledge about you and resume types as well. You should understand that which style suits your lifestyle and work experiences.


Given below are the different types of resume with brief summary:

1. Reverse chronological resume format -

     This is the most popular type of resume format. It is best especially for those who have plenty of work experience that is relevant to the role they are seeking. The word chronological means according to time and as the name explains everything is written in reverse i.e. last experience first and the first experience last.

2. Functional or skills based resume format -

     If you lack in relevant work experience because you are a student/graduate. The skill based format is the best choice for you.

     This resume type shows all of your skills in the best way.

3. Combination resume format -

     This is a great choice if you have a diverse set of skills and work experiences that are relevant to your desired job role. It is the most popular format of all.

Now when you have your desired format, you must be aware of the layouts. A resume layout must have 

a. Length of one page max. up to 3 pages.

b. Clear section headings.

c. Ample white space, especially around the margins.

d. Easy to read font.


If a resume has all of the qualities that are mentioned above then it can become a professional resume. A professional resume provides a convincing snapshot of your skills and experiences which is favoured by the recruiters.

For the best outcomes don't forget to provide the most accurate and error free contact details. As a minimum, include your name, phone number, email address and the current address of your residence. Consider including social media profiles that are relevant to the position like your detailed LinkedIn profile. Even other profiles like Twitter and Instagram may be valuable for certain required aspects.

Even there are somethings that you should avoid to include in your resume. Avoid providing a fashionable email address like Create one as professional for using in the resume. Don't include your impractical personal information such as religious affiliation.

You can also add some additional sections for a professional resume format -

1. Achievements (eg. Scholarships or industry awards).

2.  Organizationa (eg. Memberships in professional associations).

3. Certifications (eg. Professional designations).

4. Conferences and courses attended.

5. Languages known.

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