Free Fire Friday || 23/08 3rd Anniversary

Pic 1: 3rd Anniversary

Ahoy!!! Welcome back guys, Garena Free Fire is about to create another milestone in its history i.e. The 3rd Anniversary. Being a moment to be remembered by the Garena TEAM they are also trying to make it memorable for us too. For this week they'll be organising loads of events that may rewards you like never before... Let's have a look at them:

1. Time Tunnel Exploration

Pic 2: TimeTunnel

This is my personal favourite. You can check out the whole story of Garena Free Fire from the very beginning. They have shown each and everything at your hand's ease. Also, you'll be rewarded for the completion of each milestone that is going live globally. On the same screen, you can see 3 more buttons i.e., Exploration missions, Time Capsule Store and Web event.

2. Attacker Trial Card

Pic 3: Trial Card

Here you can get 7 days trial card of almost every character available in the game. And hence you can decide which character to buy further to conquer the maps. 

3. Anniversary Gift

Pic 4: Trial Cards

on 23/08 you have to collect chips and then you can exchange them to get a skyboard, backpack and a rare bundle. You can get them at the following price:
- 3 chips for skyboard
- 6 chips for a backpack 
- 9 chips for a bundle. 

4. Change your Fate

Pic 5: Change your Fate

This is something that somehow depends on your luck. At the right side of the screen there's a luck button which will decide the amount of your discount while on the other side there's a pool refresh button that can change the items showing on the screen. You can some of the legendary items at much more discounts like never before. 

5. Underworld Curl

Pic 6: Underworld Curl

Underworld Curl is a skin for one of the blade(melee weapon). That is also once in a lifetime offer. You can get it for a top-up of 300 diamonds. 

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