Data structures and algorithms in C || IPU ECE, CSE, IT

Fig: DS & ALGO.

* Objectives of data structure

- To identify and create useful mathematical entities and operations for the problems.

- Determine the representation of entities and implementation on the problem.

Data structure

- Represents the knowledge of data to be organised in memory.

- Reduce complexity and increase efficiency.

- Useful for data abstraction, analyse the problem.

- Develop algorithm.

* Introduction to programming methodologies:

Programming methodologies deals with analysis, design and implementation of the program. It is required to construct a make any program. Usually there are four types of programming methodologies that are stated as below:

1. Procedural:

Here the program is divided into subprograms. It focuses on two functions rather than data. Follows top-down approach. Also allows globalisation of data. 

2. Modular:

Hay the program is decomposed into smaller portions. The steps include proper expansion of the problem to understand it. Outline the exact problem. Decompose the problem into subtasks. Prepare a prototype of subprogram for each subtask. 

3. Structural oriented methodology:

It emphasizes on algorithm. Here also the program is divided into functions. And also allows global data. 

4. Object-Oriented programming methodology:

It allows data encapsulation and data hiding. Also, have the function for universal inheritance.

Note: handwritten notes have been provided below you can download them for free and in the next article we'll be covering ARRAYS and POINTERS with LINKED LISTS.

DS & ALGO. pdf file

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