Free Fire Friday, Fabled Foxes

A couple of weeks ago loads of events came up and went off. Most of the players managed to receive their favourite item and a lot of them not. People are enjoying their quarantine days in this period of Coronavirus with playing Garena Free Fire. Well! Now onwards a pile of more events are coming up. Let's have a look... 

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1. Fabled Fox
A new Elite Pass has been launched for preorders now, you can own this for 999 diamonds and as an extra reward, you'll get KITSUNE backpack. This elite looks a lot like the previous elite pass of April month 'Agent Paws'. Although can own an exclusive parang and motorbike skin after owning it.

2. FFBA 
Garena Free Fire Battle Arena has launched its schedule for battles. The finals will be scheduled on June 14th. You can enjoy these battles from your comfort zone. 

3. Spine Punk Top Up - II
The days of spine punk are going off and setting sail to another world. And maybe this will be the last top-up event of the month of May. 
- Top up 100 diamonds and get Punkster Surfboard.
- Top up 500 diamonds and get M249 Spikey Spine.

4. Age Of Streamers
New Patch is coming to the game and Garena is promising to provide its exclusive upcoming character WOLFRAHH for all its users. We'll update you for this very soon. 

5. Free weapon skins
As login rewards, you can get free weapon skins which are mentioned below:
- Login 1 day and get Flaming Red AK for 24 hrs.
- Login 2 days and get Lightning Strike Mp40 for 24 hrs.
- Login 3 days and get Water Elemental SCAR for 3 days.
- Login 4 days and get Lightning Strike weapon Loot Crate. 

Quick Links for various social media platforms of Free Fire have been mentioned below...




Remember it is possible that any or all of events may get some updates, till then keep reading OYETECHY

Note: For any queries or questions you can directly mail us. Or you can follow and dm us on Instagram @Chakit_Gupta.

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