Free Fire Friday, 14/6 Beach Party

NOTICEA lot of players have not received their Falco as there was a technical issue at the end of the server. All those are requested to log in on 14th, 15th and 16th of June regularly to receive it. You can claim it in your in-game mails. Garena has come up with the solution above and is apologised for it.

Welcome back Gamers to a whole new blog of Garena Free Fire, we know that we are a bit late now but you'll not regret following us. 

So as we always say, Garena has come up with lots of new events and surprises and here we are for you guys to explain and make it easier for you to get them directly to the fullest. 

Now those who are a bit old school players of Free Fire knows that every summer they come up with beach related events and so as now. 

But here's a twist... Just for login you guys can get loads of things that are mentioned below, let's have a look on them: 

1. MISHA'S lost swim rings 

Pic 1

Started from 7th of Jun this event is taking over a lot. You guys will found sandcastles randomly on maps and when you make them explode they will leave a number of swim rings. The number of rings you can get from a sandcastle may vary from  1 to 8 or 10.  You will also receive one daily for logins. Later on, these rings are of two types i.e. Swim RIng A and B.  You can earn Swim Rings A commonly as stated above and that of type B will be available in-game from 14th of Jun. Further, they can be exchanged for some cool stuff i.e.

Pic 2

- 12 Swim Rings A for Ocean Predator (surfboard). 
- 12 Swim Rings A and 6 Swim Rings B for Captain Bubbles Top. 
- 10 Swim Rings A and 4 Swim Rings B for Captain Bubbles Bottom. 
- 6 Swim Rings A and 2 Swim Rings B for Captain Bubbles Mask. 
- 6 Swim Rings A and 2 Swim Rings B for Captain Bubbles Hair.
- 6 Swim Rings A and 2 Swim Rings B for Captain Bubbles Shoes. 
- 2 Swim Rings A for leg pockets.
- 2 Swim Rings B for leg pockets.

2.  New Pet Falco 

Pic 3 

First Flying Pet - Falco just as login reward. For login on 14th Jun you can get this exclusive pet FALCO which is supposed to have the skill of increasing the falling speed when landing from an aeroplane. And if you played a match with a friend you can also unlock its rare skin HELLFIRE FALCO

3. Party Check In 
For completing daily login of 3 days you will get an exclusive Grenade Skin - Pineapple fizz. This is supposed to based on the same Beach Party theme. 

The event will end up on 16th of June so guys don't forget to claim them. 

Now, Apart from a special theme-based events Garena Free Fire always runs some other top-up or diamond costing events. So now let's have a look on them...

1. Beach Party Top Up
As a top-up event and somewhat related to the beach party theme this will going to let you make a top-up and spend some money...
- For a top-up of 100 diamonds, you can get a Wicked Coconut Backpack.
- For a top-up of 500 diamonds, you can get a Watermelon Pan Skin.
- For a top-up of 1000 diamonds, you can get the exclusive Summer Darling Bundle. 

2. Zombie Samurai Summoning

Pic 4

Started from 12th of June this event offers Zombifies Samurai Bundle. One summoning can cost you 25 diamonds and a premium summoning can cost you 80 diamonds that guarantees to give permanent items. 

3. Vote for Discount

In this event you can vote for 5 of your favourite items and the most voted item will get the most discount and will make it easier for you to purchase it for spending less. 

4. WOLFRAHH in Character Royale

Pic 5

WOLFRAHH the game streamer is now available as the grand prize in Character Royale and you can make spins for 25 or for 250 diamonds. 

For more updates related to Garena Free Fire you can check the link below...
Garena Free Fire

Note: Remember that it is always possible that any or all of events may get some updates, till then keep reading OYETECHY. For any queries or questions, you can directly mail us. Or you can follow and dm us on Instagram @Chakit_Gupta.
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