Covid-19 Updates : Here's how you can register for you Covid-19 vaccination

Pic 1: 3rd wave Coronavirus

Hey there, for a few days we are getting tremendous queries regarding whether to go for Covid-19 vaccination or not? Does the vaccine cause too many side effects? Is this guaranteed that the vaccine will save your life and you can roam freely without a mask? Then guys seriously need to rethink this whole scenario. You guys are being puzzled into a situation where you cannot let yourself determined about whether to have the vaccination done or not. 

There are always two sides to see a situation the first says that it has some side effects, you can still be found corona positive even after proper vaccination, it can reduce your life expectancy and so on. While the optimistic side shows that it is just a vaccine, the recovery rate is very good and currently, this is the only way we can have a chance to win over this. Hence we suggest you get that vaccination done properly. 

Below are the links and step by step explanation of how you can Register yourself to get your vaccination done. 

Covid 19 Updates || Registration for Vaccine || 3rd wave Predictions || Verified Leads

* How to Register through CoWIN portal:

Step 1. Reach the CoWIN website and Register/Sign in yourself.

Step 2. Then add your mobile number to get OTP. After receiving the OTP, enter it on the site, and ‘Verify’.

Step 3. Enter your required details, on the ‘Register for Vaccination’ page. Once this is done, click on the Register button below.

Step 4. After complete registration with your details, you will get an option to schedule an appointment. Click on ‘Schedule’.

Step 5. Add your respective pin code and Search. The centres allocated in the added pin code will appear.

Step 6. Select the date and time and then click on ‘Confirm’.

NOTE: Users can add up to 4 members through a single login and can easily reschedule an appointment.

* How to Register through the Aarogya Setu app:

Step 1. Open the Aarogya Setu app on your device and click on the CoWIN tab presented on the home screen.

Step 2. Select the option ‘Vaccination Registration’ and enter your phone number. Then you will receive an OTP through which you can proceed to verify yourself.

Step 3. On the ‘Register for Vaccination’ page, enter all the details asked and then click on ‘Register’.

Step 4. After your registration, you will get the option of scheduling an appointment.

Step 5. Add pin code of your area and click on Search. The appeared centres will be the ones you can go with.

Step 6. Select a suitable date and time and click on ‘Confirm’.

Pic 2: Registration via Arogya Setu

The Inevitable Third Wave:

A tremendously ferocious second wave of the coronavirus has left all of the global hospitals scrabbling for sources like beds and oxygen. Solely in India reports went over 3,000 deaths every day.

Reports and research said: An upcoming third wave of the coronavirus is "truly inevitable", the government's top scientific adviser warned, as officials announced a nationwide lockdown was being discussed given the crisis that has overwhelmed our hospitals and left 1000s dead.

You can check the following article for verified covid leads @OYETECHY:

Verified Leads for Resources

You can also check out the live count of ACTIVE and RECOVERED Covid-19 survivors through the given link:

Covid 19 Live Global Tracker

For any leads or updates, you can use the comment section here to let us and everyone know. 

At last, we would like to convey that Stay Safe guys this life matters.

Note: This article is not sponsored by any kind of website or authority. This must be used for public welfare only.

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