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Fig 1: Covid-19 Updates

For a few last days, Covid 19 is haunting the globe once again...from its symptoms to its cure, everything is so hectic that a lot of people are losing their worthy loved ones just because of some carelessness into their day to day habits. In this article, we will be talking about both the conditions i.e. Before being infected from Covid-19 and after being infected from Covid-19.

See there are loads of healthy practices that can be done at your home only so as to reduce the possibility of being infected by this deadly virus. In a country like India where the population is so much congested none should take it lightly. It is still not at its highest peak but it won't even let you count days if we still don't take it as a serious concern. And if you think that this is nothing but just chaos for some more days, you should change your perspective if you really want to know the value of some days and then just ask someone who has lost someone these days.

There are a lot of practices you can perform at home such as taking a regular sunbath for some time, doing exercise to break a sweat, performing yoga or meditations to calm your mind etc.. And as said by our ancestors that "Precautions are better than Cure" one should avoid some things in these days such as excess roaming outside the home, having too much junk food or oily food into the diet, not taking a good sleep for at least 6-8 hours and many more. See it depends on you only whether you want your family as well as nation to win over this war of pandemic. If so then please for god sake don't take this lightly this is a bloody pandemic and it does not show mercy for anyone. 

Fig 2: Covid-19 updates

Now, let's head to the main concern we are publishing this article. If you are from those who is been suffering from Covid-19 or if your body has overcome the virus then you must need to continue reading. The scarcity of resources is in front of everyone now and if you can help anyone then it would a life-saving effort. You might not get anything materialistic from this but yes mankind will feel proud of having you for the rest of your life and beyond.

IIT Delhi alumni have launched a brand new web site to assist COVID-19 patients and their families with verified leads on plasma, oxygen cylinders and hospital beds. They have launched a dedicated website to assist the families of COVID-19 patients with verified leads on numerous resources. the web site provides live pursuit on vacant beds, oxygen accessibility, plasma, food, videos by renowned doctors and helpline data among others. the web site is essentially a non-profit app known as CovRelief.

The app has been developed by a troop including Milan Roy who graduated from IIT Delhi in 2018 and is the co-founder of Edviser, Swapnil Sharma who graduated from IIT Delhi in 2019 and has 1.5 years of expertise within the trade, and Pranit Ganvir who graduated from IIT Delhi in 2018. All the data displayed on the app has been taken from individual government websites. people who would like to know more can visit the official web site to use the resources out there.

CovRelief has collaborated with Covid Survivor Force Asian nation (CFSI) to attach folks in would like of CFSI’s volunteer work. The developers have conjointly requested users to excise caution and reverify the leads provided on the platform. Furthermore, users may also write to the authors to provide any feedback they may have. You can find almost every need regarding Covid-19 updates, Symptoms of Covid-19, Covid-19 treatment, Live Covid-19 tracker and a lot more right in one place. 

You can visit COVRELIEF by clicking here. 

Apart from IIT Delhi alumni, recently, IIT Kanpur additionally launched a similar initiative. IIT Kanpur, through its Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre, launched a passionate web site known as India COVID Support to supply verified COVID-19 leads to those in need. the web site provides verified data on the supply of oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, ambulance, COVID test, ICU beds, ICU home set up, Remdesivir, Tocilizumab, Fabiflu, oxygen replenishment, and alternative connected resources.

You can visit INDIACOVIDSUPPORT.COM by clicking here. 

For any leads or updates, you can use the comment section here to let us and everyone know. 

At last, we would like to convey that Stay Safe guys this life matters.

Note: This article is not sponsored by any kind of website or authority. This must be used for public welfare only.

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