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Pic 1: Ultrasonics Applications
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* Production of Ultrasonics by Piezoelectric Methods: 

Piezoelectric Effect:-

When a mechanical compression or tension is applied to some crystals like quartz, a potential distinction is developed across the crystal that is proportional to the applied pressure. This phenomenon is understood as a Piezo-electric effect.

Also if the potential is applied across the crystal, mechanical compression or tension is developed. this is often referred to as Inverse Piezo-electric effect.

Pic 2

A variable capacitance (C) and an inductance (L2) form a circuit.

The frequency of the oscillations are often modified by changing the value of capacitance.

When the circuit is closed, the current flows through the circuit and charges the capacitance.

Then the capacitor starts discharging through the inductance, therefore electrical|the electrical} energy is stored within the style of electric and field of capacitance and inductance respectively.

Thus electrical oscillations are created within the electric circuit.

The frequency of this periodical electricity is given by

With the assistance of the other electronic parts together with a semiconductor device, electrical oscillations are created unendingly.

This is fed to the secondary circuit connected to quartz (Q).

The periodical force field is born-again to mechanical vibration of crystal because of the piezoelectricity.

This vibration produces an acoustic wave of the frequency up to the frequency of vibration, that is that the frequency of electrical oscillations.

In this method, supersonic sound waves are often created.

The natural frequency of the crystal is given by

t = Thickness of crystal block
Y = Young's modulus
ρ = Density
k = 1, 2, 3, ... (Integer Multiple)
When the frequency of electrical oscillations is up to that of the natural frequency of the crystal, resonance is achieved and therefore the sound waves of most amplitude are created.

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*Applications of ultrasonic waves

1. Ultrasonic flaw detection.
2. Cutting and matching of Rigid materials.
3. Ultrasonic bonding and welding.
4. Measurement of flow devices.
5. Applications in medication.
6. Thermal impact.
7. Ultrasonic as means that of communication.

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