Free Fire Friday, Rampage 5/7

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Now let's see some in-game updates. This week, as well as the next, can bring you a lot of exclusive bundles with other rare items to show off. Let us have a look at them:

1. Super Sale

In this event, every lucky and rare item is on sale as 50, 55 or up to 70%. As soon as you open it you can see 8 rare times to choose from the 1st item will contain 50% off, 2nd will contain 55% off and as soon as you select your 3rd item you can buy all of those 3 items at 70% off. And if you do not want to purchase from the current list you can refresh the list as well. You can refresh that list only 5 times.

2. Rampage II: Uprising
Pic 1

This event is the most desirable event this week. You have to choose one side i.e. of BRINGERS or LIBERI and then support one of them. These two weeks you guys can own legendary gun skins, Costumes, dead loot box, emote and a melee weapon skin. Currently, you can access the following events and we'll update you when you can get access:

3. Influence Task

Here are some tasks you have been given. When you'll complete them you can get carnage points and rampage tokens. Rampage tokens are also scattered in classic and rank modes. These missions are:

- Daily login and get 1 Carnage Point.

- Play 1 game and get 2 Carnage Points and a Rampage Token.

- Play 2 games and get 3 Carnage Points and a Rampage Token.

- Play 3 games and get 4 Carnage Points and a Rampage Token.

Pic 2

4. Victory Rewards:

These are the rewards that include a weapon royale voucher, a diamond royale voucher and an incubator voucher. These will be rewarded to the ultimate winning faction.

5. Carnage Leaderboard:

Here the top 100 players will be rewarded at the end of the event.

6. Faction Store:

This is where you can use those Rampage Tokens. All the items are exclusive and rare:

- Planet Destroyer (surfboard) can be purchased for 15 Rampage Tokens.

- Greenish Death (banner) can be purchased for 10 Rampage Tokens.

- Plague and Famine (avatar) can be purchased for 10 Rampage Tokens.

- Bounty Token can be purchased for 3 Rampage Tokens.

Later on, there are some executioner prizes:

- Liberi's Pin can be purchased for 30 Rampage Tokens.

- Famine Felon (Top) can be purchased for 25 Rampage Tokens.

- Famine Felon (Hair) can be purchased for 15 Rampage Tokens.

- Famine Felon (Bottom) can be purchased for 10 Rampage Tokens.

- Famine Felon (Shoes) can be purchased for 10 Rampage Tokens.

7. Plinko
Pic 3

This event is 1st type of this in Free Fire. You have to buy a ball for 25 diamonds and choose a hole to drop the ball from the given 7 holes. And see how the ball drops and if you are the lucky one you can win Arctic Blue and Crimson Red Bundles.

8. Mystic Seeker
Pic 4

A brand new diamond royale bundle named as Mystic seeker is now available to purchase. A male bundle with this type of hat is enough to give someone nightmares. And with this, if your gameplay is somewhere better than average then you can get a lot of likes and fame as well.

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Note: Remember that it is always possible that any or all of events may get some updates, till then keep reading OYETECHY. For any queries or questions, you can directly mail us. Or you can follow and dm us on Instagram @Chakit_Gupta.

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