Free Fire Friday, Spine Punk Part 2

Garena Free Fire's Latest event Spine Punk is getting immense popularity in this COVID 19 period. And people around the world are showing their love to it. Below are some of the other updates that have been preceded into the game. If you have not read the 1st part go and check it out here... Free Fire Friday, Spine Punk.

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Later on, the updates have been mentioned below:

1. Hacker Store Reopens:
Select your grand prize with one bonus prize and spin with diamonds, 1st spin costs 9 diamonds and later on they charge 19, 49, 99, 199 and 499 diamonds. 

2. Mother's Day Top-up:
Top up 100 diamonds and get Heart Angel Backpack as a reward and if you make a top-up for 800 diamonds you can get the most amazing emote i.e. I Heart you. 

3. Permanent Gun Skin Check-in:
From the last few months free fire is awarding you with perm gun skins for checking in for 30 days. And this time after checking in for 30 days you can get M4A1 ice blue as permanent gun skin.

4. Lets Get Punk
Get exclusive rewards for opening grid lines with purple cells. You can get a purple cel for completing the following missions:
- Login 1 day
- Play 1 match
- Play 3 matches
- Play 6 matches 
- Play 1 match with a Friend

5. Gun King 
 A new game mode which was previously launched on the advanced server is coming live for all. In starting you'll have a dagger to throw and kill your enemy and afterwards you will get new weapons for killing your opponents. 

6. Codeword
A new type of event has been launched. 1st you'll have to play a battle royale game to open the text bar and then find the hidden codeword in the image given and as a reward, you can get a chance to win a legendary gun skin for 7days. 

Quick Links for various social media platforms of Free Fire have been mentioned below...




Remember it is possible that any or all of events may get some updates, till then keep reading OYETECHY. 

Note: For any queries or questions you can directly mail me. Or just dm me on Instagram @Chakit_Gupta.
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