Free Fire Friday, Forsaken Creed

This week Garena Free Fire has confirmed several events and prizes some of them which are free while fro the rest you have to spend some diamonds.

1. Forsaken Creed

Pic 1: Forsaken Creed

The most awaited and best of a kind elite pass of season 24 'Forsaken Creed' is out now. You'll be able to avail this for 500 diamonds in between 1-31 May. This time they are offering some of the rarest items ever been shown in any other elite pass i.e. Pan - Forsaken Creed, Forsaken Creed Jeep, Shadow Custodian Bundle (female), Gatling gun skin Forsaken Creed, Forsaken Creed Grenade, Dragon's Creed (dead loot box), Forsaken Blade, Forsaken Creed Spikebag and Unseen Custodian bundle. This time these bundles are a bit more interesting when looked closely after every kills a dragon emerges out from the back tattoo of the character, for female this will be black and for male costume, this will be of golden colour. And the bag, of course, is one of the most eye-catchy items this time, after every kills the spikes in the bag spins vigorously (only in the bag of level 3) and its also my personal favourite. 

Pic 2

2. Roll the dice
In this event you can get a chance to win the first-ever exclusive skin of M1887 The Tropical Parrot, for this, you have to roll the dice costing 20 diamonds, and for 5 rolls costing 90 diamonds. You can avail this until 6th may. 

Pic 3: Roll the dice

3. Kendoka Katana
Garena gives skins also for your melee weapons, and this time they have the kendoka katana top up event, just top up 200 diamonds and you'll be able to get this as reward.

Pic 4: Kendoka Katana

4. Mystery Crate Event
Get a chance to win limited mystery shop costumes. Starting from 10 diamonds to 1000 you can open the mystery crate, the more you spend the better will be your chances of winning. Also, you can get guaranteed grand prize for 1000 diamonds expenditure. This event is limited to 3rd may.

5. Sunday Challenge 2
You can get a free skate board on this Sunday for free, all you have to do is to complete the missions below:
I) Play 2 games in rank or classic mode for 300 universal fragments,
II) Reach top 5 in classic or rank 2 times for Surfing Through the Stars (skateboard). 

These are some of the present challenges that are available currently in free fire, it is possible that they might bring us some more. Well, just hope for the best. 

I would love to hear about your thinking about the same. Comment below.

Remember it is possible that any or all of events may get some updates, till then keep reading OYETECHY. 
Note: For any queries or questions you can directly mail me. Or just dm me on Instagram @Chakit_Gupta.
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