Fleet Management, Explanations and Concepts

Fleet management is considered as one of the special types of administrative approach that allows various users or a company to organise and coordinate work vehicles with the aim to improve its efficiency, reduce costs, and provide compliance with government regulations. Basically, it is used for purposes as vehicle tracking and several tasks of following and recording mechanical diagnostics and driver behaviour.

Fleet management is used by a number of industries and companies i.e. couriers, various oil and gas deliveries, to ensure responsible vehicle use, confirm safety enable, real time tracking. Although commonly suitable for delivery cars. The boating industry also uses fleet management technology for its betterment.

A lot of vendors offer many fleet management technologies. Vehicles use telematics Live GPS for reliable global automatic vehicle location abbreviated as AVL detection, though some use GLONASS or less expensive cellular triangulation in remote areas.

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* Various Definitions related to Fleet Management

1. EPkm or Earning Per Kilometer
2. CPKm or Cost Per Kilometre

Earning per kilometre is a standard depending on how many people are seating on the bus. Consider a bus as travelling at full load, you will gain an EPKm. This is how your load factor is calculated basically, actual EPKm/EPKm at full load X 100, so you get the percentage.

3. Route:
A specified path or way taken in getting from a starting point to a destination.

4. Vehicle scheduling

Vehicle scheduling is a basic process of assigning vehicles to a set of predetermined trips with fixed starting and ending times respectively while minimizing their capital and operating costs.

5. Trip
A trip is said to be an act of going to another place and returning back.

6. Dead Mileage
Dead mileage, dead running or deadheading, in public transport, is considered when a public transit vehicle operates without carrying or accepting passengers, such a situation occurs while in a breakdown or when coming from a garage to begin its first trip of the day.

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